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Acidic Records



Acidic Records is a new, community focused, creative and experimental music label, which aims to drive artists from a variety of alternative styles into the spotlight.

The record label is part of the Virus Project, which works by helping new talent express themselves and gain recognition by providing the tools and platforms they may need through a variety of mediums across the creative arts.

Acidic Records has made it its mission to work with artists in a variety of ways and at all levels. We promote and sell music by our highly skilled, signed artists, who we believe are going to take the music scene by storm. The talent signed to the label are not only artists, they are also teachers in their field and they will be involved in many of the music workshops designed to share their skills, put on by the Virus Project.

Most importantly, we believe that only by working with young, aspiring artists at a grass roots level, by giving them a platform to get noticed and have their work heard, will the music industry really recover from the corporate pop now polluting the air waves. So we have made every effort to spotlight the quality unsigned artists we think deserve a chance to be heard by a wider audience. We consider our label to be a home to musicians and artists. So if you are an artist, band or DJ and want to be heard and be involved send your demos in to us and we will check you out.
If you enjoy listening to good music we hope that this is somewhere you will come, to listen to and buy music from our artists we feel you will enjoy. All profit from music sales is split 50-50 with the artists and the proceeds we make is then invested fully back into the Virus Project, to continue our work with creative talent and give them the means and platforms to express themselves.

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Beaton Prelude Ep


Prelude Ep

VÖ-Datum: 27.05.2011
Label: acidic records
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