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absurd audio



Absurd Audio was founded in April 2006 and run by The Speed Freak. Besides typical Frenchcore this label focusses on Hardcore which combines elements from different musical styles (like Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Metal, etc.).

The Spead Freak alias Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various project names, the most recurrent ones being Biochip C., The Speed Freak, and Search & Destroy. Starting off making German-style EBM techno, he soon became part of the Cologne school around Walker, and released on labels such as Monotone, Force Inc., and Dj.ungle Fever.

After his increased popularity especially with the Dutch gabber scene in 1994 and 1995, Mokum and Shockwave became his home labels. His musical activities however stretch much further - tracks from his studio can be found on lots of different labels and on dozens of CD compilations.

Apart from his further involvement in several labels such as Ozon (with Jammin' Unit), Napalm (plus its sublabels Agent Orange and Speedcore) and Anodyne (plus the defunct Biophobia), he is also available for live and deejay gigs. furthermore, he has started to produce his own videos and CD-ROM parts and is busy working on his label, Absurd Audio.

Absurd Audio has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue containing releases from artists like: Frazzbass, Autopsy, The Speed Freak, DJ Hettek, Stormtrooper, DJ Mutante, Pattern-J, Drokz, amongst several others.

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