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abstract forms



Abstract Forms represents the independent UK platform for experimental electronic music, transmitting since 2007 and run by Deixis.

The first release on Abstract Forms came from Deixis with ‘’ Silhouettes Of Passing Time’’ who features 4 tracks of deep Techno and Electro aimed at showcasing the varied sounds of this new and exciting artist. It’s the perfect introduction from the mysterious artist and a sneak preview of more to come over 2009.

What do we know about Deixis? Well, as it happens, very little actually. Is that altogether important? Well no, not really, as all that really matters right now is that we have one great debut release on brand new, UK born, electronica label, Abstract Forms, spinning on our platter right now. The main track beholds a Sheffield steel bass groove from long gone bleep-techno days, updated with a flowing undercurrent of contemporary dub textures, all quite moody in its overall vibe. Whilst incredibly good, we prefer to flip over for two excursions into the deeper shades of techno, probably more akin to the home listening experience than club frolics, as square basslines and whirring synths while away some of those more introspective moments.

All-in-all a solid debut release and keep a lookout for an exclusive Deixis track on the forthcoming Viewpoints compilation for Arne Weinberg’s AW-Recordings.

The Abstract Acid represents the sublabel devoted to Acid music.

Abstract Forms has developed in the last years a rich back catalogue containing releases from acts like: Deixis, Anrne Weinberg, Kirk Degiorgio, Morphology, Louis Haiman, Gosub, Matti Turunen, Luke Eargoggle, Marco Bernardi, The Exaltics, Ekman, DMX Knew, Federico Leocata, amongst many others.

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