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Inmotion Music



Inmotion Music represents a Vinyl and Digital label from Brooklyn NY born back in 2010. Inmotion is striving to convey only the most ground-breaking and influential house music from young undiscovered talent to established artists from across the globe.

During a time when New York's creative gene was stagnant, it's dance music scene deemed itself a bit repetitious and inordinate, with very few to guide it. There was necessity for a new wave of groovy eclectic forward thinking original music not confined by the conventional bounds New York's dance scene had come to be known by. Therefrom the concept of Inmotion Music was born.

Inmotion Music has released a variety of albums and it has collaborated with artists such as: Francesco Gemello, Jindo, Alejandro Vivanco, Luca M, Ron Costa, Julien Loreto, Dave Brody, Sante, Aldo Caldiz, Ilario Liburni, Sidney Charles, Re-Up, Deltano, Hermanez, Marco Effe, amongst many others.

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9 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 9.