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BHM Productions represents the Underground Production label founded in 2012 and based in Detroit.

Beside digital media, BHM Productions LLC is also the home of DoubleGlassEntertainment EDM Record label based in Detroit, MI.

Risky, yet creative in: Deep House, Minimal House, Techno, Electro House, Nu Jazz, Disco House and NU Disco. Look for this label to continue setting it's new found mark in the EDM industry. Now holding a spot in Traxsource and Beat Port, this new Detroit EDM Label has lots to prove has they continue their quest to make their presence known to new fans and listeners in the EDM industry.

With it's influence coming from artists such as: Kraft Werk, Art of Noise and Enigma and the respect to famous legendary artists as well as the "One Hit Wonders"- expect: Eclectic, Creative and Unique to be brought to the table at any given time!

BHM Productions,LLC-DoubleGlassEntertainment EDM Label looks forward to it's continued new found presence in the EDM scene for many years to come.

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