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After searching the roots of house music, and analyzing song structure,
Dj performer and Live artist DuzzyDAS aka Doroga Alexandru, also the owner and manager of the record label, encouraged young artists like Alex EX, Stephan Oleh, Pilu'Style and many others to produce electronic music.
It all started 10 years ago with a small party, allot of people loved the sound and they wanted more. Right after that we started organizing dj line-ups for the public, unfortunately pour funds, made it harder to transmit our message out to the people, but that attracted more dedicated fans to this music and formed a community.
? 2005 the first open air festival took place and the dj's played for 4 days in a row.
? 2006 we repeated the party, everyone that knew what we are doing gathered to have a good time
? 2007 we started the " 1 May Dance " A opening party announcing summer time.
? 2008 ?1 May Dance? grew larger and for the second edition we invited dj Patrick Schultz from Germany, people were amazed with the sound the speakers were delivering. And as usual they wanted more.
? In 2009 the third party was a blast. Everyone was there they loved the music and the atmosphere was insane.

For the next years we are planning to grow these concepts of events and promote young talented artists. That's why we created 42 The Floor Records, which is more than just a record label it's a sonic print. Our sound is unique so whenever you will hear a beat that goes boom boom boom boom ! ! ! you will know that we laid 4 fat ones directly to the dance floor.