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31 records



31 Recordings represents the London based independent music label.

In 1996/1997 Doc Scott went into the studio to write a track that would litterally stun the drum & bass world. 'SHADOW BOXING' under his alias 'NASTY HABITS' was quite simply mind blowing. It would jump start his own label '31 RECORDS'

"I wanted to create that loop that everyone had in their head when they went home"
Nothing had been heard like it before, a simple loop that grew into Godzilla on a bad day, speckled with kung fu fx, 'SHADOW BOXING' was scotts biggest selling record to date.
"It was crazy because i remember doing the track and not thinking that much, I gave it to rider on plate and then went abroad for about 2-3 weeks to dj, when I got back my phone was full of messages so I knew something was going on, but I had no clue that Shadow Boxing would be that big or that important."

Keen to get his own label more renowned and to look for new talent, Doc Scotts '31 RECORDS' put out releases by DOM & ROLAND, ED RUSH & OPTICAL, DECODER, & CALYX.

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Serum Species EP


Species EP

VÖ-Datum: 21.11.2016
Label: 31 records
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