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24/7 Records Austria



24/7 is a fusion of young and dedicated DJs, producers, and active party organizers releasing cutting edge psytrance for more than 7 years now!

24/7 Records was founded by Alex (Astralex) and Jakob around 2006. Material have been a part of the label since the very first second as an artist and designer. Over the years Material have gradually become the mind behind most of the activities and he's so happy to have gathered great artists that are able to perform and create on an international, no-holds barred level in terms of quality and commitment. The team members are always trying to push the boundaries of Psytrance with every release.

Alexander aka DJ Astralex is 30 years old born in austria (salzburg) and has been infected due to familly interest in electronic music culture at a early age. He started mixing 8 years ago, quickly adapting to the needs of the crowd, playing all sorts of electronic styles from house & techno to progressive and psy trance. He quickly became one of the favourites on the underground scene - thanks to an excellent and innovative selection and impeccable mixing techniques - he didn't stop there.

Today Alex is founder and manager of twenty4seven media, back in salzburg there has been more time to focus ont he development of the label and his musical projects. He has compiled and released 2 V/A compilations on 24/7 records, "24/7" which was the labels first release, and the latest release of the label " La Familia ".

The digital album ''V.A 24/7'', is the first compilation of the Austrian Label 24/7 rec. It has been selected and arranged by DJ Astralex and consists of freshly produced, and so far unpublished, full on and driving psychedelic beats, coming directly from the studios. The mood of the cd is not the same style throughout. From psygressive grooves to funky daytime movers, it aims to reflect a bit on everything u need for a good party or DJset. It features some well established, but also a number of highly promising, absolutely young and fresh artists.

24/7 are also preparing three new compilations. Each of three party communities will select a compilation, which will go by their respective name (Event Horizon, Darklines, Symbiosis). This means that three further compilations will presumably be released at an interval of two to four months this year.

Members: - Live Act: Astartica, Compressor, Cosmo Tech, Crystall, Illicit, Ilai, Kronic, Lost in Formation, Materia, Mental Broadcast, Plasmotek, Roomnoise Project, Sinerider, Astralex
- DJ: Astralex, Ben-Chi, Daox, Horizon, Microdot, Riff Ruff, Sinus, Suthek, Vinsanity, Yohei, James England.