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243 Music



The label was founded by Jean Maxwell who brought in RosyCheeks together with Steve Noble for the release of the successful track "Champagne".

The name 243 Comes from the city "Borlange" in Sweden, which has the Area code 0243, there from, the name.

Still the label is a new born baby, but
have yet had great success and the music is well spread amongst DJ's and Radio stations all over the world. They only offer great tracks
with high quality for everybody who loves music.

The first release on the label is "Champagne" that is the new sound of western music mixed with a twist of middle-east feeling
to add a new sound to the Swedish music scene as well as giving DJ's and Radio stations the oppurtunity to play a real fresh and new sound.

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Jean Maxwell And Rosycheeks Champagne

Jean Maxwell And Rosycheeks


VÖ-Datum: 25.11.2011
Label: 243 music
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