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multi culti



Take the chief a&r therapist at the Turbo hit-making factory, team him up with an epic player from Australia's Bang Gang and Motorik party scenes, bathe them in trancetastic Goan waters, dry them out on the playa at Burning Man, feed them sacred cactus roots, align their chakras with psychedelic yoga, dress them in dashikis, teleport them to a spiritual studio in Montreal, add cowbell, shoot a double rainbow overhead, place a fractal cherry on top and you get MULTI CULTI, a movement born out of brotherhood.

Lovechild, record label, lifestyle consultant, carnival costumier, nutritional guru, vibe share-atarian, mother lover, we are all these things tied together in a musical friendship bracelet, hanging from the hammock you deserve to be lounging in, in the paradise that is our home and garden earth. Jah bless. Om shanti. Yolo.

The MULTI CULTI adventure begins with a bold debut 12" from DREEMS, three dubbed-out visions from the depths of Australia's vibe country, featuring a collaboration with mystery mate JAGMA. 'In the Desert' serves as an excellent introduction to the label's ethos, chakra-picking musical fruit from around the world, sharing only the top 0.01% of all vibes travelled.

In advance of a full length LP release, these tracks are DJ-friendly, though the exotic vocal samples and timeless Afro-Tribal-World-Rave sounds aren't meant for killing dance floors, but breathing new life into them. 'We Shall Be Found' trots out of the gates with I-rey enthusiasm, a gospel Rasta refrain soaring atop rolling synths and funky 808 rhythms. 'In the Desert' is a sun-drenched epic that evidently drew inspiration from five full trips to Burning Man, the sonic proof of beautiful sun-dances, trained to a timeless walk-about groove. Finally, 'With Shackles On' is a blissfully lucid chain-gang journey to the shimmering edges of your consciousness.

Music to trip to. Music to meditate on. Music to heal the world. Music to upgrade your DNA. Music to get your whole family dancing. Music to teach you. Music to live by. Music to die to. MUSIC TO MULTIPLY YOUR MIND.

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