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mote evolver



Mote Evolver is an Electronic/Techno music label set up in early 2006 by Luke Slater, one of the UK's longest standing techno producers and DJs, active since the late 1980s. He was involved with the founding of the Jelly Jam Records shop and label, and went on to release on a number of seminal labels.

Mote Evolver Records has stood as a platform for Luke Slater's work as both l.b. dub corp and Planetary Assault Systems, while playing host to a rotating cast of producers often affiliated with unrelenting brands of techno. Marcel Fengler is one of those individuals, having released the no-nonsense Thwack EP in 2010, his only production venture outside ostgut Tonand arguably his most successful to date

Artists on this label : bas mooy, Mike Parker, Samuli Kemppi, Silent Servant, Shif