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molto recordings



Molto Recordings is one of the oldest and respected dance labels in Italy. Molto manages various important sub-labels and is one of the most important group in Italy for the production of big selling CDs compilation (such as Papeete Beach). Born as a traditional label with releases on vinyl and CDs, Molto has crossed the borders of the big changes in music business and its becoming one of the leading group for digital sales and web based promotion, reaching a very wide number of users with weekly newsletters.

All begins in the 2nd half of 90s (around 1997) with Nuova Peecker and few sublabels like Sound Division, Python Records Stik Records, Mamo Records and I Am Records (now defunct). In few years the label founded by Roberto Luppi and Giovanna Bagni has got a big successfull around the world with Techno, House, Trance and Hardstyle releases. In 2000 the company change his name into Molto.

Sublabels: Btwisted Recordings, CSK Recordings, Eco Ego Records, I Am Records, Mamo Records, Minimalistik, MoltoPop, Python Records, Sound Division, Stik Records, Stik Trance, Toxin Records.

Molto Recordings is now one of the most fruitful labels on the international dance scene with releases from: Cristian Marchi, Paul Richard, D.O.N.S., Mattias & G80s, Juan Magan, Diego Broggio, Maurizio Nari, Stylus Robb, Unconditional, Maurizio Gubellini, Nicola Zucchi, Luca Belloni & Omonimo, Gianluca Motta & Robbie Groove.

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