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mixed blood cuts



Mixed Blood Cuts represent the project run by Richard Sen in collaboration with Cazbees.

London graffiti artist Richard Sen began Djing in 1989 with a residency at the legendary Crazy Club at The Astoria. Ecstacy, Acid House and frequent trips to New York, visiting his heroes at Nu Groove and Strictly Rhythm and searching for Chicago obscurities gave Richard the house music bug. He is known for his production outfits Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs and has released many singles, 3 albums and a compilation ‘Powercuts’ for BMG Recs.

As well as solo projects, Richard now records with partner Neil Beatnik under the name Padded Cell who released their debut album 'Night Must Fall' in May 2008 on the legendary cult label DC Recordings. Sen's remix and production work alongside Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs have included respected artists and labels such as: Bryan Ferry, LCD Soundsystem, Saint Etienne, Jungle Brothers, Sugarhill Gang, The Glimmers, Cosmo Vitelli, Black Devil Disco Club, Get Physical, Tirk and Wall of Sound.

Richard Sen, of Padded Cell/Bronx Dogs fame, plus legendary 80s graffiti artist Cazbee present their new Mixed Blood Cuts edits series. Containing AMFM, a punk funk belly wobbler by Richard Sen & Cazbee, plus the eerie beat laden Padded Cell edit of Profondita, Mixed Blood Cuts kicks off in fine style.

The two recent MBC releases have seen support from DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall, Prins Thomas, Idjut Boys, Cosmo Vitelli, Optimo, Cherrystones, Tim Paris, Moxie Edits crew & DC Recordings soundsystem.

Stepping to the hard left, Richard Sen + Cazbees edits are always a touch different from the rest of the zillion edits around. Influenced by the newave and disco not disco sound of clubs like The Music Box these MBC releases have a disctinctly dark and naughty flavor.

All of Mixed Blood Cuts releases have seen support from DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Idjut Boys, Cosmo Vitelli, Trevor Jackson, Diskjokke, Felix Dickinson, Lovefingers, Pete Herbert, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Cherrystones, Johnny Hiller (Spacemachine), DJ Morpheus (Moxie) and more.

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