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Memento is an italian label founded by the encounter of two future great friends Fabrizio Maurizi and Idriss D in 2006 in the thick foggy area between Mantua and Bologna, two cities that aren't famous only for Tortellini and Parmesan anymore, but also for the quality Techno or Deep House releases. A city that keeps always an eye on the first steps of the far Detroit. The former is a Parisian dj who fell in love with Italy and the latter is a tireless after hour dj from Bologna.

Based in Berlin today, Memento keeps bringing its contribution to the techno scene with its releases and worldwide showcases.

Berlin and the minimal style showed their power during those years and our 2 cowboys decided to give their contribution to the scene creating partly for fun the label Memento. But fun became suddenly serious: the first Fabrizio’s release "Hasta la Baldoria Siempre" (under the pseudonym of Roger) quickly was at the top of the charts Decks and Beatport becoming soon a killer floor in Europe.

Techno sounds, irresistibly funk with Fidel Castro’s voice, it showed, well in advance of the modern styles, all the opportunities of this musical code. After a little while one of Fabrizio’s dreams became true: his majesty Richie Hawtin called him and Fabrizio became to all intents and purposes one of the Minus artists.

They were convinced that the label should grow their own artists, discovering new local talents, here the second release of a young new-comer from the "well-read" Bologna: Matteo Vanti. The Ep called "Go straight on" showed how the research of an easy style is not the aim of Memento: Matteo's sound is dark but constantly supported by groove which is going to be typical in his art even in the future, he uses rhythmical elements which are able to stir every dance floor; all this is mixed with expert elements of "one shot" synth which make them a guaranteed minimal weapon fort the peak time.

The next year, 2009, saw the birth of Memento Plus. It's normal that sounds and style change like a bat out of hell and Memento Plus wanted to be the closest platform to the house style giving the chance to the label's artists but not only them to express another side of their personalities.

The debut is made by Paolo Cavicchioli (already known as Paul C, the owner of the label Polar Noise) with the track "Revolution", an engaging groove tech-house supported by a vocal hook which will define the entire genre for the next two years; the remix was made by Arnaud Le Textier, an experienced French artist who lives in London, founder of the Safari rec (he doesn't need any presentation).

But Memento project is far to be over!