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melbourne deepcast



Melbourne Deepcast represents the Australian label, podcast and online music hub celebrating quality house music from Melbourne and beyond.

Melbourne Deepcast has been flying the flag for the underground house movement in Melbourne and the wider dance community since itís birth in 2009. With a podcast thatís quickly become one of the go-to places on the interweb for your fix of carefully selected deep house, techno and disco, thereís but a few ears they havenít reached. Casting the net even deeper, a label is born, providing a platform for the ever-growing number of talent rich producers the city has provided a home for.

MD001 is the very first release on the new Melbourne Deepcast imprint, featuring tracks by some of Melbourneís leading, but still emerging artists. Lewie Day provides one of the heavier numbers on the release and proves that whether heís wearing the Tornado Wallace hat or not, heís most definitely on. Co-founder of the Melbourne Deepcast Andy Hart follows up the A side with some slower, soul driven house that pays homage to the earlier pioneers of funk. On the flip, Mic Newman adds a summery house number under his Fantastic Man moniker, a name we will all grow to lov