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Low Spirit Recordings represents the independent music label founded in 1986 by Maximilian Lenz (WestBam), Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick), William Röttger and Klaus Jankuhn. The leader of Germany's house and techno scene since his beginning early in the 1980s, Westbam recorded several house/rave crossover hits during the late '80s and early '90s but is renowned for his founding of the Mayday Festival and the Love Parade, the latter of which routinely drew hundreds of thousands of club-goers into the streets of Berlin on an annual basis.

The german imprint's first record was Westbam's 17 - ''This Is Not a Boris Becker Song'' which reached #1 in the Berlin dance music hitlist. Low Spirit became acquainted with the Love Parade event from its early years and the theme for its 1999 event, titled Sonic Empire, has reached the top of the German single charts. The label was later praised for "having made German techno history" by "Raveline" magazine.

Low Spirit Records had several hits during the early '90s, by acts like Mark Oh and Marusha. Westbam released his second album, ''Practising Maniac at Work, in 1991''and founded the Mayday Festival later that year. By the mid-'90s, long after most rave cash-ins had spun themselves out, Westbam was going back into straight-ahead techno and trance, with singles like 1994's "Celebration Generation" and "Bam Bam Bam" (the title track from his fourth album, which hit the German Top 20). For the tenth anniversary of Low Spirit Recordings, he released ''The Age of the DJ Mixer: 10 Years of Low Spirit'', a compilation including several Westbam productions. Two 1997 singles, "Sonic Empire" and "Sunshine" hit the German singles charts (both were official anthems, for Mayday and Love Parade respectively) and prompted a new Westbam album, ''We'll Never Stop Living This Way'', which entered the Top 40 of the German charts.

The label was shut down and all future distributions by Low Spirit were taken over by Kontor Records in 2007.

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DJ Dick The Iron Raver

DJ Dick

The Iron Raver

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Label: low spirit
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