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fluxus records



Fluxus Records represents the italian independent music label established in 2011 and was created and run by Darkcell. Adriano Giliberti, aka Darkcell, is an italian Techno DJ and producer based in Rome. Darkcell is a project born from the idea of Adriano Giliberti in 2010, with the intent to make very dark industrial techno, with trends that lead also in deep techno and psychedelic tendencies, a vortex techno.

Darkcell has been a sound engineer for the past 6 years. The analog concept and instinct use that one has with the machines is the primary idea of Darkcell. Relationship between man and machine is what interests him.

When talking about Darcell, the first production which comes in mind is ‘The Cures Of Asclepius’ which was released on vinyl on his own label Fluxus. This release also has excellent remixes from Markus Suckut and Octave. The second vinyl on Fluxus records is Dusty EP and will be out soon. This includes remixes from Perc and BCR Boys.

Fluxus Records artists roster includes artists like Darkcell, Mary Velo, BCR Boys, As Patria, Future 16, Conrad Van Orton, Hector Oaks, Perc, Survex, Vilix, Philipp Kipphan, The Noisemaker, Strck, Unam Zetineb, amongst many others.