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digital traffik



Digital Traffik Recordings is the Italian record label created and founded in 2005 by the DJ Jimithesun.

Jimithesun is the founder of Digital Traffik Recordings since 2005, which today is a real landmark for the underground music market scene.
Jimithesun has been playing in the best Clubs around the World since the year 2000, regular dj-sets in Tresor Berlin, Movida London, Mazoom Le Plaisir, Space Ibiza (for which he also mixed 2 official compilations)... and of course more world Tours in Arabia, Europe, Asia and USA. Since 2011 Jimithesun is presenting "Keeping Underground Alive" on Ibiza Global Radio every sunday at 11pm. A unique radioshow where the real word is only the music.

Today you can hear Jimithesun on the the turntables in his Digital Traffik Showcases with his producers and with his new artists of IUM Rec, his new lab since 2013.

The musical synthesis of Digital Traffik is "House Music" mixed with all the nuances of Electronic, Deep and Techno.

Digital Traffik since 2005 regularly releases tracks on vinyl and digital (publishing several Compact Discs), and promotes its music and artists with official showcases in the best clubs all over the World.

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