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The Exquisite Pain Recordings



The Exquisite Pain Recordings is a deep house label established in Marseille since June 2011! The French label was founded and run by Romain Burble.

The Exquisite Pain Recordings specializes in providing modern Deep House and cutting edge Nu Disco music.

Artists such as Iron Curtis , Move D , John Daly , Mark E , Session Victim , Dj Yellow , Hot Toddy , Francis Inferno Orchestra , Agnès , Jacob Korn , Arto Mwambe , Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt , Youandewan , Sasse , Michelle Owen , Matt Fear , Kreature , Oren Bi , Kyodai , DC Salas , Bostro Pesopeo , Dj Steef , Kresy , David Durango , have blessed the French imprint with some of their best works to date .

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Pascal Viscardi Hardcore (Agnes Remix)

Pascal Viscardi

Hardcore (Agnes Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 28.10.2012
Label: the exquisite pain recordings
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