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EarToGround Records



EarToGround Records was formed in 2011 after two years of throwing a series of parties at various venues in the capital, showcasing other label nights and giving a number of international artists their London debut performance. The british imprint is devoted to being a part of the generation of London Techno labels and artists that will keep the kicks hitting hard for many years and to make sure London will always be seen as a good source of quality new Techno.

EarToGround is a label that epitomises the sound of London. Run by Boss Gareth Wild together with Dax J and our Chris Stanford, it figures foremost in a wave of renewed energy and love for techno in London.

Label owner of ‘EarToGround’ Gareth’s story begins in 1992 during the early years of Jungle. By 94 he had developed a very strong addiction to vinyl and London’s underground rave culture. As the years progressed his musical tastes developed to the genre known as Techno. Along the way he has gained over 15 years of underground musical diversity. This diversity and influence can be heard in his productions. He strives for an over all, forward thinking sound for ‘EarToGround’ aiming to do things differently and come up with something new with each release.

In 2011 he brought Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts to the UK for the first time with two packed out parties at Corsica Studios. This relationship developed further with Oblivious Artefacts designing the artwork for the first series of four releases on EarToGround Records.

Quickly becoming a highly respected Dj in London, you will never hear the same set twice from Gareth. As in his productions, diversity is the key, his fast pace energetic sets always keep you wanting more. You can regularly find him behind the decks at fabric and Cable with label compadres Dax J and Chris Stanford.

For their first event of 2014 they have teamed up with their good friends at Jaded. Label residents Gareth Wild and Dax J take centre stage alongside Jaded’s Raymundo Rodriguez. Usually label artist Chris Stanford would also be joining them for this but he is committed to his gig at fabric the night before.

EarToGround is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Dax J, Chris Stanford, Secluded, Alexander D’niel, Mathias Woot, Gareth Wild, and new others to join in the close future.

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The Shade Is Speaking

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