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Drummond Records



Drummond Records represents the italian independent music label based in Verona, Italy, and focused on electronic music, and in particular, Techno music.

The Italian label was founded in 2010 by DjT, Kevin Follet, Marco Novalis, Electro JJ and DJ Zood.

Lately, they also launched Drummond Plus, the new digital division of Drummond records, runned up by Drummond crew + Low Manuel to raise new incredible emotional experiences through music research, innovation and indomitable Passion. With cadenced releases will bring you in a vortex of avant-garde, beware.

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Marco Novalis & Kevin Follet LETTER A

Marco Novalis & Kevin Follet


VÖ-Datum: 29.08.2011
Label: drummond records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.