PanSTARRS - Batee2



Release date: 11/11/2022
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
€26.99 €12.15
1. kan kalb
2. shaf Batee2
3. mkhy7mar
4. khlstmshkla
5. 7abeit lwa7dk
6. bs 2edetha w2t
7. kntfkrals
8. dawlat
9. de7k el 7ob
PanSTARRS - Batee2


Multi-instrumentalist, producer, effects pedal designer and the founder of Cairo's avant garde artspace and label HIZZ, Youssef Abouzeid mutates into a new form on "Batee2", feeling his way thru a coarse set of reverb-drenched darkwave/no wave jams that nod to Suicide, Das Ding, and more modern proponents like Cold Cave and Lust For Youth. Singing in Arabic, Abouzeid avoids traditional song forms in favor of more punkish expressions, squealing forcefully over rolling analog synthesizers and blown-out drum machines.

PanSTARRS has been a prolific project for Abouzeid in Cairo, and his workshopping of these tracks has helped make the album feel completely coherent and unified. There's a distinct, hyper-saturated sound to each song that removes Abouzeid a step or so from his influences, giving him a space to work in that feels fertile and kinetic. It's a pleasure to absorb.

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