Mikey General - It Choose Me / Prattle (Earl Maxton)
Mikey General - It Choose Me / Prattle (Earl Maxton) (Back)

Mikey General

It Choose Me / Prattle (Earl Maxton)

Release date: 08/12/2022
genre: Dancehall
Format: 5" / 7" / 10"
1. It Choose Me
2. Prattle
Mikey General - It Choose Me / Prattle (Earl Maxton)


Daptone Records is proud t o present! Mikey General "It Choose Me" b/w Ear l Maxt on "Prattle" - t he
latest of fering from producer extraordinaire, Victor Axelrod - AKA Ticklah. Jamaican reggae and
dancehall singer Mikey General reconnected with Axelrod during the pandemic to create “It Choose
Me,” a t hrowbac k t o t he ear l y 1980s analog r ub-a-dub sty le t hat has become a t ouc hst one f or reggae's
global appeal. Axelrod had used t he bac king trac k years ago wit h Rob Symeonn f or a song called .Jah
Only,' Luckily for us MG loved the track and blessed us with this instant classic. On the flip is the
instrumental/dub mix, “Prattle,” featuring keyboardist Earl Maxton on clavinet. Axelrod, known for his
signature analog productions and dub mixes created at his Brooklyn studio, was able to coax the
enigmatic Maxton back to the studio af ter a 15-year hiatus in St. Lucia, where he has been handcraf ting
soundsystem loudspeakers using paper made from indigenous plant fibers. So sit back and enjoy the
fr uits of these three legends!

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