Angel D'Lite - 303 Dalmations

Angel D'Lite

303 Dalmations

Planet Euphorique
Release date: 06/13/2022
genre: Breakbeat
Format: Maxi / EP
1. 303 Dalmatians
2. Just Trippin'
3. 7am (feat. Ell Murphy)
4. Liquid Skies
5. Relaxerciser
Angel D'Lite - 303 Dalmations


Another seemingly obvious addition to the chosen Planet Euphorique family is underground icon Angel D'lite, presenting “303 Dalmations” as the label’s 18th release. The 5 tracker screams ruff ‘n’ ready rave with a delicate touch, embodying playfully rude dancefloor attitude politely requesting you to check your ego at the door. The South Londoner Mz D’lite carries the torch for the ambitious wave of Nu skool sounds, inspired throwbacks and masterfully crafted break work that has you stomping the house down.. Boots. Bold, brave & in your face; not for the faint hearted, a true sonic reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Setting the tone is the title track, a tongue in cheek laugh in your face. With no messing around a brazen breakbeat assault leads the way for bleeped out bliss and building sub bass; cheekily tricking you into a 4/4 moment. The climactic chaos continues through Just Trippin, offensively tense stabs; building — ferociously, borderline losing control with the UKG hybrid ventures elevated by filtered chops and screws and a late blooming 303 workout. Tempos? High as hell.
Ell Murphy lends her passionate vocal essence to 7am on the A side closer. Feel the rush; transporting you to a moment in the dance which feels nostalgic and yet still to come.

Emo-jungle, cyber centred and spine chilling; Liquid Skies feels like a cold london morning after the rave, introspective yet unable to stay still, “in and out of control”. The record ends on a comparatively weightless low-key progressive builder Relaxcersizer. Holding the same sentimental harmonic bone engrossing sensation that trickles through the EP; with a little more patience, a moment to absorb the kaleidoscope of frantically exciting musical ideas laced throughout. This record is an ode to the dancers..Need I say more? You’ve read enough, now listen.

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