Perdu - Illusion of Choice
Perdu - Illusion of Choice (Back)


Illusion of Choice

live at robert johnson
Release date: 04/26/2022
genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
1. Archi
2. Grey Rush
3. Sitrao
4. Blue Rush
Perdu - Illusion of Choice


Amsterdam based DJ and producer Perdu aka Alain van der Born returns to Live At Robert Johnson for his second release: On his Illusion Of Choice EP, Perdu drives his sound one notch harder, yet retains his trademark 1980s tinged vibe. Perdu has already secured releases on DGTL Records, Heist and Let’s Play House amongst others, and surely is a keen producer to keep your eyes and ears on.

A1 Archi gets into gear with a straight and focused beat arrangement. It’s a trippy uptempo vibe, intertwined by a slightly modulated Arpeggio-Bassline and its transposed twin figure.

A2 Grey Rush features a filtered broken beat, quickly rushing inbetween sprinkled effects and noises, off into a resonating Bass figure and outstanding melodic arrangement, both which dominate the better part of this energetic track.

B1 Sitrao doesn’t hesitate long in letting a pounding Kick Drum escort you right into an uptempo Cosmic vibe. It’s that arpeggiated Bass, catchy melody and silky pads, which might just get those hands in the air again.

B2 Blue Rush is a subtle variation of Grey Rush, omitting the resonating Bass figure. Yet it doesn’t compromise its level of energy, as this keeps the beat stand out contoured, compared to its twin track Grey Rush. credits

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