Various - SPECTRES: Resonances / Volume II


SPECTRES: Resonances / Volume II

Shelter Press
Release date: 02/17/2022
genre: Merchandise
Format: Books
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Various - SPECTRES: Resonances / Volume II


he second edition in Shelter Press and INA GRM’s series of annual publications, this time revolving around the idea of “resonances” and featuring The Caretaker - for the first time recalling selected memories that inspired and informed his now retired/expired protagonist, Tomoko Sauvage’s notes on her Hydrophonic practice, a previously unpublished text by Maryanne Amacher about Tones, David Toop on Resonant Frequencies, plus contributions and articles written by Chris Corsano, Ellen Fullman, Christina Kubisch, Okkyung Lee, Pali Meursault, Jean-Luc Nancy, David Rosenboom and Christian Zanési. Essential reading for curious spirits and creative minds.

"To resonate: re-sonare. To sound again—with the immediate implication of a doubling. Sound and its double: sent back to us, reflected by surfaces, diffracted by edges and corners. Sound amplified, swathed in an acoustics that transforms it. Sound enhanced by its passing through a certain site, a certain milieu. Sound propagated, reaching out into the distance. But to resonate is also to vibrate with sound, in unison, in synchronous oscillation. To marry with its shape, amplifying a common destiny. To join forces with it. And then again, to resonate is to remember, to evoke the past and to bring it back. Or to plunge into the spectrum of sound, to shape it around a certain frequency, to bring out sonic or electric peaks from the becoming of signals.

Resonance embraces a multitude of different meanings.

Or rather, remaining always identical, it is actualised in a wide range of different phenomena and circumstances. Such is the multitude of resonances evoked in the pages below: a multitude of occurrences, events, sensations, and feelings that intertwine and welcome one other. Everyone may have their own history, everyone may resonate in their own way, and yet we must all, in order to experience resonance at a given moment, be ready to welcome it. The welcoming of what is other, whether an abstract outside or on.

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