Kali Malone - Velocity Of Sleep
Kali Malone - Velocity Of Sleep (Back)

Kali Malone

Velocity Of Sleep

Release date: 10/14/2021
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
1. Velocity Of Sleep
2. 1113
3. In Light Of Marwa
Kali Malone - Velocity Of Sleep


A somnambulant modern masterwork, Kali Malone’s 2017 debut full length album is made available
again on vinyl some four years since its limited private press of just 100 copies co-released by
XKatedral and Bleak Environment.
Composed, recorded and produced in Stockholm 2015-2016, ‘Velocity of Sleep’ sees Kali Malone’s
work rendered in a septet of strings, gongs, lute, electronics and tape in the vast R1 Reaktorhallen
(Sweden’s first nuclear reactor), the electroacoustic studio EMS, and at the Royal College of Music
in Stockholm. Her presence is crucial, and liminal, making precise use of tuned sine waves and
Studer B67 tape manipulation, while instrumental performance is handled by Peter Söderberg
performing on the long-necked Theorbo (a large baroque lute, pictured on the sleeve), Samuel
Löfdahl and Oskar Mattsson on Gongs, Vilhelm Bromander on Double Bass, Marta Forsberg on Viola
and Adam Grauman on Viola de Gamba - all uniting to produce what feels like a geological time
lapse and distillation of European and Indian classical drone musicks.
As far as opening solo statements go, ‘Velocity of Sleep’ is among the most memorable to have
emerged this past decade from slow music and experimental classical paradigms. Its languorous
yet rigorous consolidation of ideas from across the aeons crosses paths with others before her -
the musics of Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, Harley Gaber, Oren Ambarchi all spring to mind - but
more importantly helped reset the limits of contemporary music in Malone’s own image. The
3-part, 43 minute work is an ideal example of how staid notions of early and classical music have
been jettisoned to instead focus on fundamentals of tone, timbre, tuning, space and temporality
with a radical and transfixing effect coolly detached from any directly traditional/sacred
Peter Söderberg’s justly tuned Theorbo plucks a slowly evolving additive pattern expanded
by frippertronic tape delays on the 20 minute title piec

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