Nubya Garcia - Source We Move (Vinyl)

Nubya Garcia

Source We Move (Vinyl)

Concord Records
Release date: 10/22/2021
genre: Jazz
Format: LP
1. La Cumbia Me Está Llamando (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
2. Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be (Nala Sinephro Remix)
3. The Message Continues (DJ Harrison Remix)
4. Inner Game (Blvck Spvde Remix)
5. Boundless Beings (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)
6. Stand With Each Other (KeiyaA Remix)
7. La Cumbia Me Esta Llamando (Suricata Remix)
8. Source (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
9. Pace (Moses Boyd Remix)
Nubya Garcia - Source We Move (Vinyl)

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