Jonnine - Blue Hills (Yellow Vinyl)


Blue Hills (Yellow Vinyl)

Boomkat Editions
Release date: 14/10/21
genre: Folk / Singer-Songwriter
Format: LP
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Jonnine - Blue Hills (Yellow Vinyl)


The first Documenting Sound release to appear on vinyl (we’re just doing a handful of them on wax) is this
obsession-forming fever-dream recorded in Kallista, Dandenong Ranges / Autumn 2020 by Jonnine Standish
of HTRK, newly mastered and featuring completely genius new meta-artwork/painting by Gian Manik.
Anyway, you either altready know how good this one is, or else yr about to find out...
The other week we dreamt that we asked Jonnine aka Jonnine Standish of f#cking HTRK to make some music
for a tape series. She ended up sending us what was essentially a 9 track album of new songs featuring
Jonnine on bass guitar, a Mopho synth, a wave drum and an electric wind instrument, plus her vocals, clicks
and garden chimes, and contributions from Conrad Standish (of CS + Kreme) and mixing by Tarquin Manek.
Oh wait...
We approach all of Jonnine’s music with caution cos - hooks - she warned us about them. When her last
record ‘Super Natural’ was released last year the ohrwurm wasn’t for leaving us in peace, for real it was
almost too much - and this time, if you can believe it - it’s worse.
You get 9 songs - 9 - songs - there are chorus pedals and strings and endless atmospheres. The opener is
a dream, blurred vision - heartache. The title track - pan flutes - this is basically The Cure’s ‘Dressing Up’
remade. Except Jonnine has never heard ’The Top’. It’s all v weird and auspicious, a complete heartmelt. Also,
somehow, real?

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