Notte Infinita - I Lost All My Data
Notte Infinita - I Lost All My Data (Back)

Notte Infinita

I Lost All My Data

Release date: 21/09/21
genre: Breakbeat
Format: Maxi / EP
1. I Lost All My Data
2. Slippery Tuff
3. Ecstatic Dub (Roller Mix)
4. Oxygen
Notte Infinita - I Lost All My Data


Like trudging through viscous air, I Lost All My Data is a blissed-out barrage of sub-bass that nods to a long-lasting passion for sound system culture.
Uploading turbo-charged wubs with molten glass melodies, the debut EP of Giovanni Bonelli (aka Notte Infinita) is a welcomed update for UK style broken-techno conventions. Booting-up with its title track, the record quadrisects the fabric of digital music, each cut a sonic reprogramming of its predecessor. 'Slippery Tuff' references off-kilter club, while on the flip, 'Ecstatic Dub (Roller Mix)' climaxes in an ultra-sensory faux-organic whorl. Unplugging the whole thang, 'Oxygen' manipulates post-dubstep textures, into a data-roused jungle tunnel.
Deciphering glitched-out signal processing and harmonic warps, I Lost All My Data is the software upgrade that every system needs - do not choose Later; Install Now.
This record has been played out/supported by...
Bambounou, Madam X, Special Guest DJ, Opium Hum/Michail Stangl (Boiler Room), Lurka, Bruce, orson (version)

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