Little Ann - Deep Shadows (Ltd. Golden Vinyl LP)

Little Ann

Deep Shadows (Ltd. Golden Vinyl LP)

Timmion Records
Release date: 17/09/21
genre: Soul
Format: LP
1. Deep Shadows
2. Possession
3. Who Are You Trying To Fool
4. Sweep It Out In The Shed
5. What Should I Do
6. Lean Lanky Daddy
7. I Got To Have You
8. The Smile On Your Face
9. Who Are You Trying To Fool (Instrumental Version)
Little Ann - Deep Shadows (Ltd. Golden Vinyl LP)


This is a limited edition, golden vinyl of "Deep Shadows".

You are holding in your hands an album, which was never heard at the time it was recorded. For over 30 years it was stored in the archive of record producer and musician Dave Hamilton, one of the unsung heroes of the Detroit soul scene. The box of reels was marked simply "The Possible Little Ann Album".

Little Ann's songs, are timeless masterpieces of soul music. That is why we here at Timmion Records thought that they belong together on an album like they were originally intended to be heard. Sometimes possibility takes time to be fulfilled.

This album comes with authentic 60's style tip-on sleeve.


"Deep Shadows"
"Who Are You Trying To Fool"
"Sweep It Out In The Shed"

"What Should I Do"
"Lean Lanky Daddy"
"I Got To Have You"
"The Smile On Your Face" Inst

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