Die Neue Zeit - Wir Sind Die Neue Zeit

Die Neue Zeit

Wir Sind Die Neue Zeit

live at robert johnson
Release date: 09/24/2021
genre: New Wave
Format: 5" / 7" / 10"
1. Wir Sind Die Neue Zeit
2. Wir Sind Die Neue Zeit (Instrumental)
Die Neue Zeit - Wir Sind Die Neue Zeit



Old time? New time!

And of course an exciting time - and thus time for DIE NEUE ZEIT and their eponymous high-speed statement "WIR SIND DIE NEUE ZEIT"!

But who is behind DIE NEUE ZEIT? We simply don't know! And we don't want to know. What we know is that these two daredevils race through their theme tune with sheer intensity - there simply is no stopping them - and you better don't - because when that cow bell gets loose … heaven forbid!

For extra extensive play of "WIR SIND DIE NEUE ZEIT" we strongly advise to make good use of the vocal AND the instrumental version playing both back and forth until all dancers surrender to the rhythms of DIE NEUE ZEIT.

Now tanz' die neue Zeit und geh' in die Knie und klatsch in die Hände, beweg' Deine Hüfte! The new time has come!

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