Wun Two x Boora - Nautiqua (Vinyl LP)

Wun Two x Boora

Nautiqua (Vinyl LP)

Release date: 07/30/2021
genre: Hip Hop Deutsch
Format: LP
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1. Carnaval
2. Sumba Chill
3. Salty Sea (Skit)
4. High
5. Girl Phone
6. In My Sleepz
7. Tonights
8. Don't Trust
9. Rainbow (Skit)
10. Liquid Bossa
11. Campus
12. Baba
13. Aqvarium
14. Kalahari
15. Coffeeshop
16. Slow That
17. Layte
Wun Two x Boora - Nautiqua (Vinyl LP)


Boora is known for his rare, but very high quality output. This is also evident on "Nautiqua", his new album with lofi legend Wun Two. The two producers take you with them to the sea and undiscovered land, where they explore different sounds from around the world. With South American influences, the album perfectly reflects the harmony of the two artists and is a successful mix of danceable rhythms and dusty relaxed lofi sounds. A real masterpiece from two of the best artists of their genre!

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