Various Artists - The Future of LoFi (2LP)

Various Artists

The Future of LoFi (2LP)

Release date: 09/21/2021
genre: Hip Hop Deutsch
Format: LP
1. Achterbahn
2. On The Waves
3. Cyberisland
4. Dot
5. Destiny
6. Rewind Your Future
7. .Wav
8. Time Traveler
9. Lidari
10. Rhodestrip
11. Retro
12. Pear Pressure
13. Lagoon
14. Inner Freedom
15. Tio
16. Fabric Of Space And Time
17. New Planet
18. Space Invader
19. Future Wave
20. The Way You Smile
21. Lunar Landfill
22. A Foolish Dream
23. Delorean Dreams
24. Bitter Sweet
25. Melancholic
26. Last Flight
27. Mar Azul
28. Forget U
29. Lizards
30. 7.2
Various Artists - The Future of LoFi (2LP)


A sound engineer from Silicon Valley inherits a plot of land near L.A. due to the death of his in-laws. On the property, in addition to a spacious estate and pool, there is also an old barn in which he discovers a DeLorean DMC under a dusty tarp. Upon closer inspection, he notices that there is still an old cassette in the tape deck of the car radio. Curious, he uses his profession to digitize the tape and discovers completely new music that seems very futuristic to him - as if it had traveled 20 years through time. Join this beautiful journey through space and time! On this journey you will be accompanied by 30 artists including Mujo, Flughand, pettersson, Saltyyy V, Burrito Brown, Sátyr, Harry Hawaii, Thelonious Coltrane and many more.

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