E00 - Peace & Tranquility
E00 - Peace & Tranquility (Back)


Peace & Tranquility

Radiant Love
Release date: 04/09/2021
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
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1. Peace & Tranquility
2. Flexible Ground
3. Biosphere
4. Parade
E00 - Peace & Tranquility


Two years ago, the Paris-based producer and DJ E00 released an EP called Do Not Visit The Club. It's a cheeky title for this artist's output of dreamy, driving, floor-stirring work-however, in 2020, it bears an entirely different reading. Today, we simply and definitively do not visit the club-the ethics of sharing sweat, spit and space have radically shifted. We miss it for the social effervescence, for the bullshit, most of all for the dancing-which begs the question: what does it mean to release dance music in this moment? To listen to tracks and dance in one's kitchen is an act of memorial, and although a bit mournful, is also a kind of spiritual respiration: we need it. Rightfully so, E00's drop on Radiant Love, coming out on the tail-end of this nightmarish year, is titled Peace & Tranquility.
The title track, which opens the release, starts off not with a bang but some kind of thrust: a low note felt in the gut, echoing and loopy chimes, and right away a drum pattern driving us forward. Over the next 8-plus minutes, some horizon-wide pads come into the mix, as well as a shuffling bass-line that speaks directly to the ass. Balancing the A-side is "Flexible Ground"-a downtempo ride awash in white noise and distended vocal samples that give a nod to Deep Forest. It's a textured, complex sonic surface, with some particularly gorgeous processing of the drums-characteristic of E00, the hi-hat loop becomes a kind of expressive instrument that gets turned, tweaked, and filtered as the rest of the track rolls on.
"Biosphere" sets the B-side in motion with canopy birdcall and some ruminating pads; we get one bar of straight 4/4 kicks, and then the structure begins to play, evolve. Starting with those distinctive phase-shifted hi-hats, we work our way into a terrain of barking dogs, delicate piano lines, and even a clever drum-break so tastefully cloaked in reverb. Closing the EP is "Parade", whose first minute and a half has all the makings of a low-tempo trance trac

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