Jacob Stoy - Das Unendliche Konstrukt
Jacob Stoy - Das Unendliche Konstrukt (Back)

Jacob Stoy

Das Unendliche Konstrukt

Uncanny Valley
Release date: 31/03/21
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Cassette
1. Stark
2. Komm
3. Bordstein
4. Heule
5. Wanna Be
6. Lil Floti
7. The Ultimate Traum
8. Doch Nich
9. Fahne
10. Real Life
11. Elefantenrennen
12. Issue
13. Flucht
14. Hirn Hirn Hirn
15. Besenrein
16. Hoffnung Auf Teleport
Jacob Stoy - Das Unendliche Konstrukt


SNOW WHITE CASSETTE IN A SPECIAL NEON GREEN SNAP BOX WITH PRINTED FOIL INLAY. The album is a relic of three sessions that were created next to or in bed. A small case equipped with a looper, an EQ, a chorus and a delay is the basis. Each track is unique due to the different sound devices used, whether it is a synthesizer, microphone or tablet. Searching for the mood of the moment, even if the next moment can be completely different, if not even should. A field recorder is an infinite tool for capturing these moments. Also, these songs are indeed infinite. In the sense of a spiral-shaped interplay of musical influences, states of the moment, errors and coincidences, almost like the magnetic tape of a MC. Fortunately, the acoustic proof of this creative process is now available on an appropriate sound carrier. Expect swirling excursions into brightly illuminated Ambient territories, Lo-fi beat adventures in the outskirts of hidden rave countries and inverted Hip-Hop-experiments from the parking lots of long forgotten shopping centers. "Das unendliche Konstrukt" translates into "The Infinite Construct". And that is what this tape here truly is. Constructs are facts that are intellectually claimed but not directly tangible. The same can be said about the music that Jacob Stoy made in 2020 instead of writing Corona diaries. This is music that must be felt. But if you try to grasp it only with your mental powers, it will slip through your fingers.

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Uncanny Valley
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