Kas - Like Sunlit Threads
Kas - Like Sunlit Threads (Back)


Like Sunlit Threads

ilian tape
Release date: 25/02/21
genre: Techno
Format: LP
1. I Was Never Really Here
2. Like Sunlit Threads
3. Last Silence
4. Mystery Beyond Mystery
5. Outwardly Attaching
6. Holographic Matrix Of Informational Totality
7. Self Aware Field Pt. 1
8. Birth Of The Healer
9. Self Aware Field Pt. 2
10. In The Absence Of Becoming
11. Logos Triggering Agent
12. Deeply Rooted Peace
Kas - Like Sunlit Threads


Encounters with the ineffable.
The dormant roused.
Openness, observation, questioning, humility, sincerity.
Re-imagining the known, that which is untapped, all that was concealed.
Pathways to wholeness unearthed.
Meeting of truest self.
Temporal versus infinite.

The fallout.

Sudden disintegration, falling away, continuity shattered.
Facade ruptured, persona released, identity laid bare, history withdrawn.

Appearance of no-thing-ness.

Pregnant with possibilities, birth out of chaos, mystery unfolds.
Healing through anguish, renewal through trauma.
Newborn imaginings.

Accept the summons.

Chapters of lucidity, adventures in clarity.
Alignment in harmony.
All encompassing.
Reorientation emerges, subsequent renewal, transcendent insights, enlightened revelations.
Surrender reached, acceptance embraced, liberation appears.


Solemn symbols of gratitude.
New found depth of meaning, of understanding, of moving, of seeing.
Beyond mental illusion, unifying as nature, expression of stillness.
Vision of the undivided, transmission of wisdom.

Flowering into being.

- Kas ?

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