Exael - Flowered Knife Shadows
Exael - Flowered Knife Shadows (Back)


Flowered Knife Shadows

Soda Gong
Release date: 18/06/21
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
1. Koch Metish (exael remix)
2. Quikgel
3. Boneheaded
4. Fig Jelly
5. Anc
6. Ko
7. Rotor
8. Reality's Sweetheart (With Zoe Darsee) (Moon Pie Mix)
Exael - Flowered Knife Shadows


Under their exael moniker, Berlin-based producer Naemi makes highly imaginative music that can be seen as a study in contrasts - precise, hyper-detailed drum programming sits atop fuzzy, organic pools of ambience, virtuosic futurism is wrung from a falling apart laptop. Following a string of excellent releases, both solo and in group settings, "Flowered Knife Shadows" features eight productions that feel like the full realization of the project, demonstrating the artist's range and knack for vivid, pressurized productions. From the dextrous, chops-flexing "Koch Metish" to the sanguine "Reality's Sweetheart," Naemi's clarity of vision and instantly recognizable aesthetic are delivered here with remarkable potency. Frost on the window, whispers in the dark.

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