C.O.R.N! - C.O.R.N!
C.O.R.N! - C.O.R.N! (Back)



Release date: 06/11/20
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
1. Dancedressblood
2. Baltic CPU
3. Baba du Ei
4. Hollywood Resolution
5. Clocktower
7. In
8. Massive Friendship
9. I just wanted to be a lamp standing next to you
10. Trance Chamaeleon
11. Sex Piste
12. Wisebear
13. Mama
C.O.R.N! - C.O.R.N!


C.O.R.N! is the debut album by Nick Acorne and Patrick Wurzwallner aka. C.O.R.N! Eclectic mixture of genres and styles. C.O.R.N! is unexpected, unbelievable, unpredictable and always groovy. C.O.R.N! is "Rick and Morty" in music.

Recorded at Sisi Top Studio, Graz.
Mixed and mastered by C.O.R.N!
Cover photos by Mariya Donska.
Design by Nick Acorne and Patrick Wurzwallner.
Published by CORNHUB.

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