Soft Power - Brink Of Extinction (Ltd. Vinyl LP, Repress)
Soft Power - Brink Of Extinction (Ltd. Vinyl LP, Repress) (Back)

Soft Power

Brink Of Extinction (Ltd. Vinyl LP, Repress)

RR GEMS Records
Release date: 09/09/19
genre: Jazz
Format: LP
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1. Awakening
2. Brink Of Extinction
3. Orange Red Yellow
4. The Water Rooms
5. New Beginning
6. Window Of Opportunity
7. Final Blow
Soft Power - Brink Of Extinction (Ltd. Vinyl LP, Repress)


Transcendent and dreamy library vibes with jazz, rock and funk influences from a Finnish band Soft Power.

There is a Window Of Opportunity called life. A limited period of time, into which we must fit the quotidian
activities of everyday life, our dreams, relationships, personal pleasures and self-discovery. Sometimes
we contemplate our death, our impact on the world and the traces we’ve left.
Biodiversity is one of the most serious issues of our time. We are currently experiencing a period of mass
extinction mainly caused by human activity, e.g. overfishing, hunting and the spread of cities and
It is said that we can’t understand our own death, but is it any easier for us humans to comprehend the
scale of death associated with mass extinction, the disappearance of species? Every species is an
important part of the ecosystem. Furthermore, with every extinct species, a mode of being is lost.
With biodiversity being in such a precarious state, it might be easy to submit to feelings of resignation.
Yet, for those who seek beauty, there is still beauty to be found. And there will be, I hope. Likewise, for
those who wish to express their love and compassion for the world and for the life inhabiting it, the
possibility is still there. The possibility of love having a home in a human heart.

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