Eartheater - Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin


Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin

pan records
Release date: 23/10/20
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
1. Airborne Ashes
2. Metallic Taste of Patience
3. Below The Clavicle
4. Burning Feather
5. How To Fight
6. Kiss Of The Phoenix
7. Volcano
8. Fantasy Collision
9. Mercurial Nerve
10. Goodbye Diamond
11. Bringing Me Back
12. Diamond In The Bedrock
13. Faith Consuming Hope
Eartheater - Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin


Composed, produced, and arranged by Eartheater alone, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin draws a path back to the primordial lava lake from which she first emerged, as it also testifies to the reincarnating resurrections the project has undergone over its first full decade of existence. While the album renews her focus on guitar performance and legible structure, Eartheater balances the unabashed prettiness of acoustic harmonic songs with the dissonant gestural embroidery of oblique instrumentals. Having fallen back in love with the idioms that first captivated her, she worked to crack open the techniques that had fossilized inside of her, while still seeking to apply the electro-alchemical knowledge she picked up along her journey. The result of a laborious revival in fire, Phoenix recontextualizes Eartheater's combinatorial approach to production within her most confident abstractions, adjacent to some of her most direct songs to date. Eartheater composed and workshopped most of Phoenix over a ten-week artist residency (fuga) in Zaragoza, Spain, housed in a sprawling, cubic glass facility that looked out over wildflower-flecked mountains. Following an intensive period of recording and touring, the residency provided her with an unprecedented period of solitude in the small Spanish town. Her newfound sense of isolation ultimately became liberating, leading her to sidestep the crutches and steady grids inherent to electronic music, and to conceive pieces rooted in her guitar and her desire to perform with other players live. Eartheater's voice glows brighter than ever at the center of Phoenix's arrangements _ her familiar operatic highs are grounded by newly expanded velvety lows, leaping lucidly up and down octaves. Her intricate guitar work flits across baroque fingerpicked passages and latches into cyclical figures that meet her voice in lush harmonic progressions. From her own guitar parts, to the orchestral string arrangements she wrote for the Spanish conser

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