Molero - Ficciones Del Trópico


Ficciones Del Trópico

Release date: 15/09/20
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
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Molero - Ficciones Del Trópico


Principe’s sibling label Holuzam returns with a provocative exploration of western exoticism and all its
romanticised and questionable aspects. It’s the work of Venezuelan native Alexander Molero, here playing on
sounds familiar from the works of Martin Denny, Jürgen Müller, Andrew Pekler and Mike Cooper, as well as
Venezuela’s own electronic pioneer Alfredo del Mónaco’s pastoral wonderings.
Now living in Barcelona, Molero has experienced first hand how his own cultural heritage has been
romanticised by people he’s met in Europe. Taking inspiration from “the tropical lowlands to eternal snow”,
a book written by German naturalist, painter and graphic artist Anton Goering (who spent several years in
Venezuela in the late 19th century and who is perhaps best known for his drawings of Venezuela’s native
birds), the music on ‘Ficciones Del Trópico’ is a sort of meta work of sonic fiction, an artist from the outside
looking in to his own culture.
Using a Yamaha CS-60 Synthesizer, a space echo and a world of midi flutes, pipes and nature sounds, Molero
imagines a utopian voyage inspired by the tropical and exotic desire of European traveller’s first contact
with foreign and unexplored lands, creating soundscapes evocative of travellers that faced the vast unknown
of the Amazon forest in the 19th century. Of course, all of that has a world of connotations; colonialism,
appropriation, slavery - making this not only an absorbing and highly evocative listen, but also a multi-
faceted and thought provoking one.
Highly recommended.

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