Virtualdemonlaxative - virtualdemonlaxative
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West Mineral Ltd.
Release date: 15/09/20
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
1. I Would Like The Entire Police Force to Die
2. xresinhitx
3. Cruisin'
4. Wake Up To The Your Life
5. Excised Catheter
6. Nug Suppository
7. Binchy
8. Smash His Face To Death
9. Choking On Your Hair
10. Wet Dank
11. Neeeeeeeee
12. I Eat Your Unfuckers
13. vdl 1
14. vdl 2
15. tutyityu4
16. vdl666000 (Live)
17. vdl66666000 (Live)
Virtualdemonlaxative - virtualdemonlaxative


Pontiac Streator, Ulla, exael and Special Guest DJ convene as virtualdemonlaxative for this unhinged West Mineral.
The only info bundled with this one-off grind-trash sesh from the West Mineral crew is “cybergrind, danger music, FTP”. Through hoarse coughs, toxic belches and searing digital noise we’re introduced to
virtualdemonlaxative - a crude effigy with one foot firmly lodged in Napalm Death’s genre-defining “Scum” and a bloody stump cauterized in the smoldering ashes of John Wiese’s painfully underrated “Soft Punk”.
Arrhythmic blast beats collapse into digi-spliced howls, pre-COVID crowd hum echoes beneath anxious alien babbling, searing feedback wails to a disconcerting climax. If the rest of the West Mineral catalogue is simmered in psychedelic sensuality, virtualdemonlaxative is a rare antivenom; it’s the disquieted sativa
to Pontiac Streator, Ulla, exael and Special Guest DJ’s undulating indica. We’ve been informed informally that ‘Cruisin’ (forty seconds long) was performed and recorded in a moving vehicle, almost causing a car accident. There’s a metaphor here, but we’re tired - listen loud and fxcking riot.

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West Mineral Ltd.
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