Abdul Qadim Haqq - The Book of Drexciya Vol.1 (1x per cutsomer)
Abdul Qadim Haqq - The Book of Drexciya Vol.1 (1x per cutsomer) (Back)

Abdul Qadim Haqq

The Book of Drexciya Vol.1 (1x per cutsomer)

Release date: 05/22/2020
genre: Merchandise
Format: Books
Abdul Qadim Haqq - The Book of Drexciya Vol.1 (1x per cutsomer)


EDITION LIMITED TO 500 UNITS. 1x per customer!

Tresor is pleased to announce the Drexciyan journey’s continuation with the release of The Book Of Drexciya, Vol. 1, a graphic novel which covers the first 5 vivid chapters of this powerful mythology, a crucial Afrofuturist work.

African pregnant women thrown off the slave ships gave birth underwater to amphibious creatures. They could breathe as they did in their mothers’ wombs, they had webbed hands and feet and became the Drexciyan wave jumpers: great warriors of the abyss. Revealed in the inner sleeve notes of The Quest (1997), through a map of the diasporic black culture, Drexciya illustrated four phases: The Slave Trade, Migration Route of Rural Blacks to Northern Cities, Techno Leaves Detroit, Spreads Worldwide, and The Journey Home (Future). It introduces the very creatures and warriors found in these pages, such as Wavejumpers and Deep Sea Dwellers. The return home is of destination future, where lays the population of their abyss.

Follow the story of the first Drexciyan, his subaquatic birth, growing up in the caves of Ociya Syndor, later to become Drexaha, the empire’s first king. Get introduced to Dr. Blowfin, Master of Alchemy and Quantum Genetics, who masterminded Drexciyan computer systems and network, based on Genetic Intelligence and DNA matrix systems. Hear the story of the birth of the wavejumpers, the mightest warriors of Drexciya. Enter Bubble Metropolis, thriving with its central command, aquabahns and aqua wormhole gateways to the cephalopod-like oceanic Cruisers.

Authored by Abdul Qadim Haqq and Dai Sato, it features the art of Haqq, Leo Rodrigues, Alan Oldham, Hector Rubilar, Leonardo Gondim, Daniel Oliviera and Milton Estevam.

Haqq’s legendary concept imagery associated with the Detroit techno community and beyond for almost 30 years and his contributions to the mythology at the time of conception makes him uniquely positioned to lead this endeavour. Dai Sato is most known

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