Armec - Diametric EP
Armec - Diametric EP (Back)


Diametric EP

Echocentric Records
Release date: 01/24/2020
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
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1. Auden
2. Conceptualise
3. Disassociate
4. Dystopian Reality
Armec - Diametric EP


Following his solo 12" debut in November on AC Records,
Armec returns with a 4-track EP on Echocentric Records.?
“Diametric EP" is nuance-rich and emotional, enter microworlds of subtle melodies, pads and sci-fi drones that ooze
both melancholy and hope, and will appeal to anyone into
electro, IDM and techno. ? A-side is a nod to Robbie's IDM
roots. Just check the expansive soaring synth-work on "Auden"
and the analogue moods of "Conceptualise". The droney,
murky & dystopian sci-fi soundscapes of side B offer another
view into Armec's production work. ? Keep an eye out for
Armec in 2020, more quality releases on their way

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