Vilod - The Clouds Know
Vilod - The Clouds Know (Back)


The Clouds Know

Release date: 18/12/19
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
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1. Ohnesarg
2. Jazzversuch
3. Flump
4. Clop
5. Wassernova
6. Scheiss On Your Diamond
7. Schalen Geschmack
8. Rahmstar
9. Mosaic
10. Jungsstück
11. Pfaul
Vilod - The Clouds Know


"Cryptic, twilight emissions from Villalobos and Loderbauer; their synthetic compound of electronics and ouroboros jazz has walked from ECM and Perlon over to Mana.

Developing a sound that tends to drift along as otherworldly atmospheres and strange fusion, Vilod evade easy categorisation, even compared to Villalobos' already experimental and genre-twisting solo minimal offerings. He and Loderbauer pull away the backbone inherent to the structure of that dance music, and The Clouds Know refines a deft and subtle musical noir built on ambient cues, sparks and claps of electricity, brushed drums, black voids and subterranean bass swoops. There's a twinkle in the eye and moments of deadpan levity, but the overall mood here is sober and introspective. Emotions run deep.

Through studio mastery and an enigmatic language the album forms a fascinating sonic and sensory work with few compromises. With erratic rhythms notably submerged-techno remains as an irregular pulse in the belly of the beast-fields of crisp, uncanny detail expand greatly. Humid environments appear, dense with the chatter of synthesised insects and the gentle rain of drums and whispering cymbals, enchanting the listener in focus or sublimating into layers of ambience depending on your disposition - and the quality of your stereo field."

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