Mathew Jonson - Return of the Zombie Bikers (Repress 2019)

Mathew Jonson

Return of the Zombie Bikers (Repress 2019)

Wagon Repair
Release date: 06/12/19
genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
1. Return Of The Zombie Bikers
2. Put Your Booty Shorts On
Mathew Jonson - Return of the Zombie Bikers (Repress 2019)


2019 Repress. stunning second 12? single on his new label´is finally coming folks. what a name for this pretty incredible 2 tracker!! “Return of the Zombie Bikers” is a massive spine shiveringly intense almost dnb b lined big room track recorded in early 2005 and can easily be compared to Mat´s strongest moments including “decompression” on minus. Don’t get us wrong though, this track doesn´t necessarily need the comparison,it easily stands out by far.let it work on and let it touch you, we feel it´s probably one of the strongest records MJ ever did!! “Put your booty shorts on” is yet another a side track written in 2002 dedicated to his wife Frank and remixed with including a vocal in 2005. A unique taste of what is to come in future live sets at the festivals this summer.this is the “hi end” in micro house coming.

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