Moony Me - Pretentiously Unpretentious
Moony Me - Pretentiously Unpretentious (Back)

Moony Me

Pretentiously Unpretentious

Release date: 10/06/19
genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
1. Perpetuum
2. Test Of Time
3. Papelón
4. Late Nite Note
5. Washed Out Acid
Moony Me - Pretentiously Unpretentious


Moony Me ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? For this lovely piece of black gold
we’d like you to meet Moony Me! The man probably doesn’t
need much of an introduction, but he took some time off the
game so we’re even happier he’s honoring us with his
comeback EP. And what a glorious one it is! When we first
heard the title we immediately thought about all the beauty
and honesty of the electronic music world…Fancy promo texts,
fake third person bios, deep’n’dark artist pics and kids
standing in the front at boiler room. In a healthy way,
“Pretentiously Unpretentious” leaves a lot of that stuff behind
(fancy promo text LOL) and instead offers a package that has
MUSIC written all over it. There’s not a single track on this
record that takes itself too seriously, you’ll always find quirky
percussions and weird synth blobs somewhere. For us here at
the rtct.records headquarters it’s all about the attitude
someone makes music with. And, I mean, would you look at
that picture on the record? It’s friggin’ adorable! It’s all in there:
family values, humor, his niece and a blue tongue. He’s got it
all! Check this record out, there are tunes on there for every
age and bpm while still staying true to the classic Moony Me
danceability. Is that even a word? We don’t care. We love it!

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