J-zbel - Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws LP


Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws LP

Brothers From Different Mothers
Release date: 05/06/19
genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: LP
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J-zbel - Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws LP


Originally designed as a friend-to-friend, unofficial comp to be played on your car system by the parking lot of some local minimarket with the woofers set to eleven, mullet in the wind and cans of energy drinks pouring, J-ZBEL's longed-for debut LP 'Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up' (we'll leave you judge as to whether we're talking Schrödinger vs Pavlov theories here) is due for imminent landing in all good record stores, as foretold by a Mayan prophecy from circa 2000 BC.

Delving in iconoclastic themes and pop culture at its most sketchy and accidentally inspiring, the enigmatic Lyon-based trio enters the melee all horsepowers roaring and laser-guns blazing - delivering twelve cuts that span the broadest sonic spectrum as they fracture their way across changing sonic reliefs, from trancey adrenaline rushes to 303-driven dance epics, through hyperfuturistic hardcore turns and further knee-buckling, breaksy manoeuvres.

Fruit of their trademark hybrid live and studio approach, some of the album's tracks were originally and exclusively conceived for live use, whilst another part has been produced in the studio from start to finish. The Easternmost-sounding jacking tune and album highlight 'Sebulba' feat. (faux-)Bristolian from a different mother Simo Cell was actually recorded last year during the latter's residency at Trempolino, in Nantes.

Layered with a richly hued palette of elements, J-ZBEL's debut long-player melds choice samples of video-game soundtracks (check the Metal Gear alert noise and Mortal Kombat samples on 'Bertrand Au Mont D'Or' and 'Mortel Kombat'), playful polyrhythmic touches ('Le Riddim du Bardouin'), no-nonsense Goa trance inspiration ('Tunnel Vision'), but also liquid DnB and organically-grown junglisms ('Pardon Mouloud', 'Excremangue', 'Diablo Verde Part II') and - to top it all off in the most spectacular manner - the stadium-sized gabber madness of 'The J-ZBEL Anthem', sure to leave wisps of vapour in its wake.

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