RAMP - The Old One Two / Paint Me (7


The Old One Two / Paint Me (7")

Luv N' Haight
Release date: 04/12/2019
genre: Soul
Format: 5" / 7" / 10"
RAMP - The Old One Two / Paint Me (7


Both produced by vibes-master Roy Ayerspost-release of their 1977 classic 'Come IntoKnowledge' album. These are not new recordings,these are vintage RAMP. Two tracks previouslyunheard but rescued recently from a demo the bandrecorded on cassette. Newly mastered, eq'd and nowready to rumble. "The Old One, Two" is a cover of aRoy Ayers track (written by Ayers, William Allen andEdwin Birdsong and originally released on the RoyAyers album 'A Tear To A Smile'.)The RAMP version is punchier than the Roy Ayersrelease. Powered by a nasty bass line the tunetranscends music eras sounding just ascontemporary as it did in 1977 and is destined to bea DJ favorite. On the flipside is the boogie tune "PaintMe Any Color," also written and produced by RoyAyers but never recorded by anyone else. These RoyAyers productions foreshadowed his classic releasesto come on the Uno Melodic label from acts like TheEighties Ladies and Ethel Beatty.For a long time RAMP were one of modern soulmusic’s biggest mysteries. What did RAMP mean?(FYI - Roy Ayers Master Production is the answer),How come their album is so damn hard to find? Whyno second album? What was the relationship withRoy Ayers? But heavily sampled (most notably on ATribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum”) and muchadored for their sublime version of "Everybody LovesThe Sunshine" RAMP maintained a musical presencedespite a lack of music and info.

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